hello everyone!! im mini! ive been tryin to finish up my home page in brackets for this site so im gonna write my updates here for fun!! :3

3/21 today i got a new computer!!!! it works SOOOO much better! X3,, it came with a new keyboard and mouse too! been busy tryin to install everythin back on it,,, not to mention my school work n stuff,,,,,,,, oh! also ive been sick! it sucks! but im still tryin to hav fun XP. im tryin to use a css grid instead of what i was using before hand but i cant get it to work,,,,,,,, dunno what to rlly do abt that but ill figure it out :) i would post daily drawings if it actually worked!

3/28 i changed my home page layout from using float to using a grid! it was kinda hard to do but i like it much better :333 ive been adding more and more stuff and its gonna take awhile to fully complete it! also figured out what i did wrong last time with the drawings X3 glad to share them!

4/12 hi,,,! its been a bit cuz i got stuck on making somethin for my site on my own but it turned out i messed up the images for it and then i found out that it was never gonna work anyways cuz of the sizing so,,,,,, that sucked major ballz :( but its ok cuz ive just moved on for a bit and ive made more and more changes !! its lookin better and better! i just have to find new things for the links to other pages and a few touch ups!! so excited! hmmmm i wonder if i should share an image of it? but i kinda want it to be a surprise,,,

4/17im gonna be gone for a while unfortunately,,,, but i got my links to other pages set up how i want it now! its getting close to done now, idk how long ill be gone but ill do my best!!!!!! :3c ill miss checking up on other ppls sites,,, i did a quick drawing for today XP (update) im not gonna be gone actually! just that ill be active less but ill still be able to code and whatnot so thats good!!

6/6hiya! ive been makein a lot of progress!!!! yayyy ,, my site looks saucesome,,, but these nav buttons are DESTROYIN me for some reason whatever i try to do always ends up wrong! idkk im just gonna have ta keep tryin till it works ig,,,,,,,,,,,, wahhhh (update) put up the new image,, as u could see i used picmix and i might use it again! its fun ,,,,,,,,,,, yayyyy

my drawings for the days i update this page!